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The Mystery Master welcomes you to his collection of logic puzzles! The logic puzzles are ranked from one star (easy) to five stars (genius). And now, you can solve a puzzle within your browser! You can view the puzzles sorted by name or by tile.

Star Easy Logic Puzzles

A Day At The Zoo
Child's play.

Air Turbulence
No bumpy ride here.

Bumper Crop
Grease is the word...

The Designated Driver
Enjoy responsibly.

Extra Keys
Unlock this puzzle.

Fruity Speakers
Brain food that's nutritious and delicious.

Iron Filings
File it under easy.

Island Hopping
Enjoy the attractions of Portugal with minimal travel between the synapses required.

Nested Dolls
An enigma within a conundrum, not.

Oh Christmas Tree
Easy to unwrap.

Playing Cards
You'll need to "count" cards to solve this one.

Sally's Flower Girls
More fun than plucking petals.

Spy Girls
What do you get when you combine Veronica Mars with Sydney Bristow? Spy Girls!

Surprise Visits
Unexpected guests are more trouble than this puzzle.

Under The Big Top
The ladies are hairier than the puzzle.

Weekend Trekkies
In this alternate reality to "Star Trek", the Vulcans might say "Live Young and Party-On!"

Winter Breaks
Easier than the bunny slopes.

Star Star Moderate Logic Puzzles

Angling For Success
An alluring puzzle that's "off the hook".

At The Alter Altar
This puzzle and your brain make a cute couple.

Coins Of The Realm
A penny for your thoughts... is really a generous offer.

Eating Out
Fast food for the quick-witted.

Fancy Footwear
Premium comfort at an affordable price.

Five Houses
Wisteria Lane may have more intrigue, but these neighbors are puzzling.

Household Pets
Companionship without the fleas.

Life Is A Picnic
Be smarter than the average bear.

Lucky Streets
It's not much harder than jingling loose change in your pocket.

On The Beach
SPF (Solve Puzzle Factor) 2.

Checkout this one!

Polynesian Postcards
As exotic as you can get without a passport.

Production Line
The New-Born Identity

The Smith-Jones-Robinson Classic
Just answer a simple question: "Who is... the Engineer?"

Student Logic
No facts, only rules. Just like school.

Video Rentals
An enjoyable time without the late fees.

Wicked Women
Why do they call it a soap opera when the characters are so slimy?

Star Star Star Challenging Logic Puzzles

All Tired Out
This puzzle won't "shock" you, but your brain may "tire" while solving it!

Big 5 Game Rangers
Take your mind on safari in Kruger National Park, where the big game is accessible, but the solution is elusive.

Circus Anniversaries
No "clowning around" here; you'll enjoy "juggling" facts with this puzzle.

Credit Card Shuffle
Don't overextend your brain on my account.

Floral Deliveries
Stop and smell the clues in this puzzle.

Gifts Of The Heart
The gift that keeps giving ... headaches.

Moving Day
If you don't "pack it up" too quickly, this puzzle will definitely "move" you.

Shoo! Out Of The Garden!
For the person who enjoys "Better Homes and Gardens."

Six Fearsome Heroes
As the Borg in Star Trek:The Next Generation would say "Resistance is Futile!"

Soapy Situations
For those who desire a little more drama in their lives.

Star Star Star Star Difficult Logic Puzzles

Astrophysics Conference
This may not be rocket science, but knowing some quantum mechanics may help.

Ellis Island Idylls
You don't need to "break a leg", but you may rupture a brain cell solving this one!

Modern Novels
Don't judge a book by its cover? What a "novel" concept!

Psychic Phone Friends
I foresee a pain in your brain.

The Seven Wives Of Henri VII
Be too presumptuous, and you may lose your head!

Consult your astrologist before solving this "eventful" puzzle.

This puzzle deals only in the facts, and nothing but the facts. Talk about "cross-examination"!

Star Star Star Star Star Genius Logic Puzzles

Dandy Salespeople
This cream puff was previously solved by a little old lady from Pasadena.

Dog Duty
Cleaning up after the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is probably easier.

The Floppies
The Floppies are cute and cuddly like the Muppets, except the Muppets are successful and the Floppies... flopped.

Hello Dolly!
Find the proper location for each of the twenty dolls, and you'll be singing "Dolly'll never go away again!" (or not).

House Members
Easily solved through the skillful use of the relationships outlined in the puzzle. Actually, a lobbyist paid me to say that.

Mixed-Up Mythology
You'll need to dig deeper than Indiana Jones to uncover the secrets of this puzzle!

The New Self-Improvement Committee
Solving this puzzle will make you more attractive to members of Mensa.

Small Town Motels
If you want to explore this slice of Americana, you better pack extra intelligence.

Super Surfers
As easy as surfing the 'net, dude! You won't "wipeout" on this one.

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