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Witch Olympics

Last year's Witch Olympics was held at Weird Woods near Salem. Winners of the long-distance spell throw and the other four events received lead medals, to be changed into gold at the winner's convenience. Can you match up each winning witch (including Anathema) with the name of her black cat, the color of her robes, and the event she won?

  1. The event wont by Croyella (whose cat is named Ghoul) wasn't the broom race.
  2. The witch in basic-black robes (who isn't Duana) won the fireball toss.
  3. Brunhelga (who doesn't sport the grizzly-gray robes) won the levitation marathon.
  4. Iggy's mistress won the deep scrying event.
  5. Esmerelda wears ghastly-green robes.
  6. Fluff belongs to the witch in blood-red robes.
  7. Jiggle's mistress (who isn't Esmerelda) wears neither the grizzly-gray nor the putrid-pink robes.
  8. Hotfoot's mistress is neither Duana nor Esmerelda.