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Andrea, Beth, Candice, Doug, Earl, and Frank went out to Luigi's Pasta Coliseum the other night to take advantage of the chef's All You Can Eat special. Each took his or her choice from among four kinds of pasta (fettuccine, linguine, rigatoni, and vermicelli) and four kinds of sauces (Alfredo, carbonara, marinara, and pesto). Can you discover each patron's full name and order, both pasta and sauce?

  1. Each kind of pasta and each kind of sauce was ordered by at least one of the six diners at the table.
  2. Doug isn't Gronski or Zapple.
  3. No one ordered linguine pesto.
  4. Frank's pasta was the same as at least one other person's, but not the same as Vasquez's.
  5. Tobin wasn't the one who ordered fettuccine Alfredo.
  6. Earl ordered the same pasta as at least one woman.
  7. Beth isn't Gronski.
  8. The only two people whose sauce orders were unique at the table are of the same sex.
  9. There were exactly as many orders of vermicelli as there were of Alfredo sauce.
  10. Earl and Frank ordered (not necessarily respectively) marinara and pesto.
  11. Vasquez ordered either rigatoni or carbonara, or both.
  12. Andrea (who isn't Tobin) and Moulin both ordered linguine.
  13. Wasserman and Zapple (who are of the same sex) ordered the same kind of sauce, one with rigatoni and the other with vermacelli (not necessarily respectively).