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At The Alter Altar

Five weddings took place on the same day in Perplex City, capital of Alter, where the Alternatives live in a state of permanent uncertainty. The local newspaper reported the marriages in true Alter fashion. From the extracts given below, can you work out the full names of all the parties involved and say which individuals were married to each other?

  1. Either Clara or Dorinda became Mrs. Harley.
  2. Dale's name is either Darley or Farley; Primrose was either Miss Wicks or Miss Dicks.
  3. Either Sandra or Miss Dicks married Reuben Marley; neither of them became Mrs. Darley.
  4. Marilyn was either Miss Rix or Miss Wicks, and she married neither Joel nor Mr. Darley.
  5. Neither Benny nor Clyde is Mr. Barley, who married either Marilyn or Primrose.
  6. Benny married either Miss Dicks or Miss Hicks; Clara was either Miss Rix or Dale's bride.
  7. Miss Nix married either Joel or Reuben.
  8. Dorinda married neither Dale nor Clyde; her maiden name was either Dicks or Rix.