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All Tired Out

When Quality Discount Tires opened its doors on Saturday morning, five people (three women named Grace, Lisa, and Marge, and two men named Ethan and Jeff) entered and took a place in line for service. Each wanted a different product or service (chains, jack, shock absorbers, whitewall tires, or wheel alignment). Can you discover the order of the five people in line, and what each person wanted?

  1. Three customers were Ethan, the third person in line, and the one who bought tire chains.
  2. Lisa stood just behind the person who bought the jack.
  3. The second person in line was a woman.
  4. The person who bought whitewall tires stood three places ahead of the one who requested a wheel alignment.
  5. Marge wasn't the second of the three women in line.
  6. Jeff was just ahead of the person who had shock absorbers installed.
  7. Grace stood next to at least one man in line.