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Saucer Shenanigans

There has been a rash of UFO sightings in the rural community of Ferndell! In the past week, five farmers have sighted different objects floating above their fields on five different nights (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday). Each object was a different shape, and each was flashing lights of a different color (one had violet lights). One farmer even claimed that aliens in silvery suits had kidnapped him for a night. Local police are unsure what action to take in this matter. Can you figure out the day on which each farmer made his sighting, the shape of the UFO he sighted, the color of its lights, and which farmer was kidnapped?

  1. The UFO seen Friday, which didn't kidnap anyone, was cigar-shaped.
  2. The UFO with blue lights was seen on Wednesday.
  3. The football-shaped spaceship with blinking green lights wasn't spotted by Ebenezer.
  4. Irving claimed a cantaloupe-shaped UFO attempted to kidnap him, but aimed badly and abducted one of his cows instead.
  5. Albert saw the spaceship with the red lights exactly three days after another farmer sighted the watermelon-shaped ship.
  6. Ebenezer saw the first UFO, which wasn't the one with orange lights.
  7. Neither the saucer-shaped spaceship nor the one Uriah saw allegedly kidnapped anyone.
  8. Otis didn't make his sighting on Saturday night.