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The Seven Wives Of Henri VII

Of all the Kingdom of Plutonia's rulers, none is more famous than Henri VII, who had seven wives, the last of whom was queen at the time of the king's demise. Each of the seven wives, including Queen Carolina, was from a different country, one being from Greece. Given this information and the clues, you should be able to derive the order in which Henri VII married the seven and the country from which each came. Note: The King never had more than one wife at a time.

  1. The one from France was not Rosanna.
  2. The Russian queen immediately preceded Isabela, who was not from Portugal and who did not survive Henri VII.
  3. Dominica was queen immediately before the one from France.
  4. Both Angelica and the bride from Spain were exiled when Henri decided to take new brides.
  5. Maria was queen immediately following the lady from Portugal.
  6. Sophia immediately preceded the princess from Italy as queen.
  7. The bride from Austria immediately preceded Rosanna as queen.
  8. These three queens died in Plutonia while still married to Henri VII: Maria and the queens from France and Russia; no two of them were queens in consecutive order.