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Psychic Phone Friends

Six friends (Beau, Evelyn, Isaac, Leila, Payton, and Wade) were watching TV when they saw a commercial for the Psychic Phone Friends Hot Line. Normally, they aren't ones to believe in the mystical arts, but they thought it would be fun to give the number a call. Each of them spoke to a different psychic (Cleo, Fabian, Hermes, Natalya, Tabitha, or Zanzibar), and after telling the psychic his or her birth date and astrological sign, the prognostication began. No two callers have the same birth date or are the same sign (one is an Aries). Each psychic predicted a different event of slightly bad fortune and a different event of monumentally good fortune for each caller. While the six friends are a little skeptical about receiving such good luck, they're keeping open minds on the off chance that their fortunes come true! From the information provided, can you determine the birth day (2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, or 27th) and astrological sign of each caller, the psychic with whom each spoke, and the bad and good fortunes predicted for each?

  1. The Libra (who wasn't born on the 7th) isn't the one who will spill a glass of milk (who wasn't born on the 17th). Fabian predicted Evelyn's future.
  2. Isaac was born under the sign of Cancer. Zanzibar predicted a large lottery win for one caller. Leila was born on the 2nd. Hermes predicted the future of either the Gemini or the person who was born on the 12th (or both).
  3. Payton (who was born after the 12th of one month) is destined to meet his future spouse; he won't be the one to miss a train. Wade (who will catch a mild cold) didn't have his fortune told by Cleo.
  4. The Gemini (who didn't talk to Natalya) will tear his or her shirt. The Pisces wasn't born on the 12th. The person born on the 22nd (who isn't Wade) will be reunited with his or her long-lost brother.
  5. Natalya (who didn't tell Isaac's future) isn't the one who predicted that someone will receive a free brand-new car. The person who was born on the 27th (who isn't Payton) will trip on his or her shoelaces.
  6. The Taurus (who didn't speak to Natalya) isn't the person who will both swallow a bug and find a gold watch. The Libra (who wasn't born on the 2nd) isn't the one who will get a promotion.
  7. Cleo (who didn't foresee anything for either the Cancer or the Gemini) didn't predict spilt milk. The Pisces (who wasn't born on the 7th) is either the one who spoke to Zanzibar (who wasn't called by the one born on the 2nd) or is Payton (or both).