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In Shining Armor

The knights of the Round Table are familiar to all of us, but not every hero of the time belonged to that society. Five such independents - Albert, Galvin, Hadwin, Leland, and Sheldon - each performed a feat of daring during one particulary busy April, each one rescuing a different damsel (one was the urbane Ulrica) from a different villain. Can you determine the damsel each knight rescued, the town in which the rescue occurred, and who the villain was?

  1. Albert bested the evil magician, while Hadwin came to the rescue of the nubile Norma.
  2. The gracious Goldie was in peril in Glastonbury, while the black knight held his captive in a tower in Almesbury.
  3. The damsel riding the naughty runaway unicorn was saved in Winchester.
  4. Neither the impudent Ida nor the damsel threatened by the cruel giant was in Caerleon.
  5. Leland's foe had two legs, not four.
  6. The five rescues occurred in this order: first Galvin's noble deed, followed by the rescue in Caerleon, the rescue of the elegant Elma, the slaying of the white, four-legged dragon, and finally the rescue in Bamborough.