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Weekend Trekkies

On Saturday mornings, six boys get together at the neighborhood playground and play at their favorite television series, Space Trek. They battle imaginary aliens (including Ukvor) to save the universe. Can you determine the name of each boy, the Space Trek character he adopts, and the alien he mercilessly defeats every Saturday morning?

  1. The oldest of the six boys is Carlos, followed in age by the one who plays "Mumu"; the one who battles Xyptrx; Abdul; the one who outwits Tmalyf; and the one who plays "Dr. McRoy."
  2. "Mr. Sperk" (who is played by a boy older than Barney) usually has to resort to laser blasters in order to break through the force fields created by Zrkont.
  3. Neither "Chekhout" nor "Spotty" tangles with the eerie alien Xyptrx; "Spotty" doesn't do battle with Tmalyf, either.
  4. Do Hyong isn't the boy whose favorite enemy is Xyptrx.
  5. The alien fought by Elijah (who is younger than the one who plays "Chekhout") is neither Xyptrx nor Yqtak.
  6. Neither "Captain Crick" nor "Chekhout" is the Space Trek character that Felix pretends to be; the alien that Felix regulary beats out is neither Wxptn nor Yqtak.