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Oh Christmas Tree

Don and Suzette Wood have four daughters (one daughter's name is Rebecca), and every Christmas they put the largest present for each girl under the tree in the living room. Assume the gifts are centered in front of the tree and labeled, from left to right, Gift A, Gift B, Gift C, and Gift D. From the clues below, can you determine the colour of the wrapping on each large gift (one colour is gold), and say which girl it's for and how old she is (one girl is six)?

  1. The present for 10-year-old Alison isn't wrapped in blue paper; it's immediately to the left of her 8-year-old sister's gift.
  2. The present wrapped in red is for the 12-year-old, whose name isn't Zoe.
  3. Nicola's gift, with the green wrapping-paper, is one of two furthest from the tree.
  4. Gift B is for the youngest of the Wood girls.