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Off Key

For years, Larry Loteck had been happily using the old version of the word processing program PagePredictable (PP) on his home computer system. Recently, however, his friends managed to talk him into switching over to the new, state-of-the-art program WordWonderful (WW). Although WordWonderful is faster than PagePredictable, it hasn't saved Larry any time yet, because he keeps forgetting which of the ten function keys (F1 through F10) - located in two columns on the left side of his keyboard - activates each command in the new program. Can you determine which function key activates each of ten commands (cancel, center, exit, font, help, list, print, retrieve, save, and spell) in PagePredictable, and which key activates each of the same ten commands in WordWonderful?

The ten commands, in some order, are as follows:

  1. One command activated by the same key in both programs, immediately below "center" in PagePredictable and immediately below "font" in WordWonderful.
  2. Another command that is the same key in both programs, immediately to the right of "spell" in PagePredictable and immediately to the right of "cancel" in WordWonderful.
  3. A third command that is the same key - namely F3 - in both programs.
  4. The command activated by F1 in PagePredictable, and located immediately to the left of "help" in Word Wonderful.
  5. The "cancel" command, which is immediately below "list" in PagePredictable, and immediately above "exit" in WordWonderful.
  6. The "save" command, which is F6 in PagePredictable.
  7. The command activated by F10 in WordWonderful, but immediately to the left of "help" in PagePredictable.
  8. The command activated by F8 in PagePredictable.
  9. The "print" command, which isn't immediately to the left or right of "exit" in WordWonderful.
  10. A command that isn't activated by F5 in PagePredictable.