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Hello Dolly!

Fifteen year old Stephanie discovered a new passion: she collects handcrafted porcelain dolls. Her father constructed two cabinets for her to keep her dolls in and she has placed the cabinets so that they face each other. There are ten slots in each cabinet. Each doll then has another doll facing him/her in the other cabinet. Stephanie also made a special outfit for each doll. There are ten female dolls and ten male dolls. Determine each doll's position in the cabinet and its color outfit.

Female dolls: Annabelle, Ashley, Holly, Jessica, Kirsty, Michelle, Paige, Staci, Tanya and Tiffany.

Male dolls: Benji, Chad, Damon, Darren, Enrique, Jamie, Joshua, Juan, Keenan and Quentin.

Female dolls are dressed in the following colors: Five are dressed in pink, two in red, one each in gold, green and purple.

Male dolls are dressed in the following colors: Five are dressed in blue, two in red, one each in green, silver and yellow.

The dolls are placed as shown in cabinets A and B, with slots numbered 1 - 10 from left to right.

A01 A02 A03 A04 A05 A06 A07 A08 A09 A10
B01 B02 B03 B04 B05 B06 B07 B08 B09 B10
  1. No doll wearing pink is next to another doll wearing pink and no doll wearing blue is next to another wearing blue.
  2. Female dolls are at each end of a row, only one of those females has another female next to her.
  3. The five dolls with pink outfits are (in some order): Tiffany, two females across from each other (one between two males and the other between two females, in some order), the doll next to Keenan and the doll across from the female in green.
  4. The dolls with blue outfits are (in some order): two males who are across from each other (each next to a female in a pink outfit who are at the end of a row), Quentin, the doll across from Paige and the doll between Annabelle and Enrique (who is wearing red).
  5. The six males in row A are (in some order): the three males next to each other, two males next to each other (dressed in green and red, in some order and flanked by the female in gold and Holly, in some order), and the only male not to have another male next to him.
  6. The four dolls in red are: Juan, the male across from Juan, the female next to that male and Paige.
  7. The two dolls in green are a male and female next to each other in row A.
  8. Darren is dressed in yellow and he is across from the male dressed in silver.
  9. Jessica (who is not next to Staci) and Ashley are at the left and right ends of row B, respectively, and wear the same color outfit.
  10. Jamie is flanked by Kirsty (with Tanya across from her) and Benji, in some order.
  11. Michelle and Joshua are across from each other and Chad is not wearing blue.