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This help article discusses metawork, and should be read after the article on TypeScript. Metawork is the work that builds and maintains the Mystery Master website. Most of this work is done by the Filer.js module in the metawork/server folder. Note: When running on the server (node mode), the Viewer object references the filer in the server folder. When running in the browser, the Viewer object references a stub in the viewer folder.

Metawork is also done by JavaScript files with the extension ".mjs", which indicates to Node.js it is a module file. I name my JavaScript "metaworkers" in all lowercase with hyphens for spaces. The first line in the file "hints" that the following JavaScript targets version ES6:

/* jshint esversion: 6 */

This version introduced keywords like import and const. To run a JavaScript module, you first need to open a Terminal window, and change the current working directory (cwd) to where the module reside. Then you execute the script using node. The following example is for my development computer:

cd /projects/
node my-name.mjs

Below is the list of metawork tasks. Click on a link for more information.

  1. Build API documentation
  2. Build JavaScript Files
  3. Build PHP Puzzle files
  4. Build HTML Puzzle Indexes
  5. Build PHP Puzzle Parts